Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Some things I did before 9AM today

Dreamt that someone unearthed photographs of me from 20 years ago and published them in the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

Dreamt about a woman who learned that her mother was being beaten regularly.

Tried in vain to get back to sleep.

Tried in vain to meditate.

Noticed that there was no heat in the apartment.

Wondered if I could spoon my boyfriend without disturbing his sleep.

Noticed that my sinuses were stuffed up.

Brushed my teeth.

Chopped and juiced 5 vegetables with some seaweed.

Washed most of the dishes.

Kissed my boyfriend goodbye on his way out the door.

Checked my voicemail.

Played the answering machine.

Accused the boy cat of wanting to pee on the rug.

Quarrantined the boy cat in the bathroom.

Consumed a bowl of cereal.

Marveled at the morning sky, some tall sycamores, and the smoke coming out of three chimneys on the hill out my window.

Watered the cats.

Put on Side One of Carole King's Tapestry.

Put an outfit together from two closets and a pile on the bedroom floor.

Played “laser light” with the girl cat.

Put some postcard stamps in my bag.

Hunted for my eyeglasses.

Hunted for my scarf.

Brushed my teeth again.

Caught the elevator on its way down from the eighth floor.

Watched my bus drive past the building as I walked through the lobby.

Was heartened by the luminosity of the sky, and the perceptible motion of the passing clouds, as I stood at the busstop.

Got a seat on the 61C.

Noted the sight of my favorite cobblestone sidestreet.

Enjoyed the silhouettes of the trees against the pale sky.

Read a chapter on sugar addiction.

Picked up the new issue of the weekly paper.

Enjoyed the quality of the light again.

Wondered why Virginia had such flat skies.

Realized I'd always thought the sky was boring.

Opened the _________ office for business.

Said hello to the plant.

Said hello to the secretary down the hall.

Booted up the computer.

Checked two email accounts for work.

Made a cup of tea with the Hot spigot on the water cooler.

Read about a city council scandal.

Read about Pittsburgh’s international residents.

Read an email from my mother-in-law.

Made some calls for work.

Learned that my boss’ office is reportedly haunted.

Answered some questions and asked some questions by email.

Mailed some invitations.


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