Thursday, April 05, 2007


R______, who has worked at the bookstore since 8:25 AM on ___ __, 1966, R_______ started his book career in the book department at the National Record Mart, a now-defunct Pittsburgh record-store chain. The National Record Mart, a family-owned company, one year got to pulling its weight to bring musical acts through the city. In the early 60s, they brought in The Beatles.

Well, the big day had arrived, The Beatles were coming to Pittsburgh, and here they were, on their way to the National Record Mart to play some songs and sign some autographs. R______ is out on 5th Avenue with everyone else, lining the sidewalks, and here come The Beatles, driving down the street. The Beatles are making it very slowly down the street, with the crowd attaching itself to the car like a many-armed octopus.

And who does R______ also see, also crawling down the street, one car behind The Beatles, but his father. Cursing, shaking his fist behind his windshield, red-faced, cursing, cursing.

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