Monday, February 09, 2009


I phoned F_____ in New York the night of the Inauguration. I was thinking a lot that day of my elders and the changes they've seen, and of course we were all thinking about other cathartic and historic marking moments. F______ told me that she had witnessed the March on Washington, Black Panther Rallies, Woodstock, and now this. She told me, "Black people didn't do this, Karen; white people didn't do this: AMERICANS did this." We talked for a while about the Presidential Family. F______ thought the children looked so nicely dressed, she thinks Michelle is a strong woman and a classy lady, and she hopes that Barack isn't "getting groomed, like they did with Dinkins."

Before we got off the phone, F______ added, "I liked Laura, but her husband had to go. It was past due for him. I have to admit, I did like seeing that man get evicted from his apartment."

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